BeamTrek V3.5

The BeamTrek represents the next generation of evaporation controllers from SmartBeam. It includes 7 years of experience, and dedication to offering the best performing all-in-one controller. Besides the rock-solid design and the highest reliability, the BeamTrek offers an incredible ease of recipe setup and outstanding features:

  • Energy Scope (have an image of the pocket energy distribution right in your hand !);
  • 100Hz Waves and 200Hz Defocus Frequencies;
  • pin-point energy distribution of the spiral engine over 32 radial points and 8 sectors;
  • shape compensation of the sweeping area;
  • current compensation to offer “shrink-free” sweeping shapes at any frequency;
  • free visualization software including back-up and restore.

naming just a few…

We recommend using the BeamTrek with our electron beam evaporators to have the maximum performance and evaporation efficiency.

No other controller on the market is able to offer the sweeping characteristics, highly integration and communication interfacing array of the BeamTrek:

  • CAN 2.0B;
  • RS232/422/485 – Profibus FMS;
  • USB Guest;
  • CAN 2.0B RC Interface;
  • parameter reads/s : 6500 over CAN and 700 over RS232/USB.

The standard controller package contents:

  • BeamTrek Controller;
  • Standard IEC 2.5m Power Cord;
  • USB Cable;
  • Gun Rotation Cable (4m);
  • Magnet Cable (4m);
  • Power Supply Y-Cable according to the unit used.